High court rejects challenge to Calif. prison plan
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected California’s challenge to a preliminary court order forcing the state to reduce its prison population, setting up the state’s appeal of a final order issued last week.
Rise in sex offender parolees living on the street
John Simerman reported earlier this week that “less than a year after state corrections officials tightened a $22 million spigot of free apartments and motel rooms for paroled sex offenders, the number of parolees who say they are homeless has nearly doubled, adding fuel for critics who say the tight living restrictions under Jessica’s Law threaten public safety more than bolster it.”

LAO: Much of federal aid in Schwarzenegger’s budget ‘very unlikely’

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “plan to cobble together a budget with rosy projections and billions in presumed — but “very unlikely” — federal aid means California could face even deeper spending cuts than anticipated, according to a review released Tuesday by the state’s nonpartisan budget analyst.”
Editorial When Will the Clock Strike for the Next Women’s Movement?
…Rape and domestic violence have gotten a good deal of media attention over the last year. Chris Brown infamously attacked his then girlfriend Rihanna, reality television contestant Ryan Jenkins assaulted and ultimately gruesomely murdered his new wife Jasmine Fiore before killing himself, and Roman Polanski reemerged with his 30 year old statutory rape case in tow.