Working at a Rape Crisis Center, many times advocates will come across a survivor who was either assaulted in another State and lives in CA or is from another State and was assaulted in CA. Either way, advocates may at times need to step away from what you understand about CA Mandated Reporting Laws and provide a survivor with information about how the laws may, or may not, apply in another State.

Recently,  End Violence Against Women International (EVAW) hosted a webinar focused on Medical Mandated Reporting for Sexual Assault and provided a couple of resources regarding Mandated Reporting Laws in other States that may be helpful to you in the event that you are in need of that information either for yourself or for a survivor.
Below you will find links to those resources, including an interactive map from the National District Attorney’s Association that allows you to click on a State to learn about their Mandated Reporting Laws.  Always remember that laws may change so you should always double check with a particular State, including your own.
National District Attorney’s Association
The Voice: Rape and Sexual Assault Reporting Laws