Does this scenario sound familiar? “A staff attends a wonderful training and when they leave the agency the knowledge from the training goes along with them.”  Or this scenario, “you attended a great training and when you return to work you place the resources from the training on a bookshelf or in a file cabinet where the materials are not readily available to your coworkers.”

To avoid similar situations you may want to establish a peer to peer training process or policy for staff and coworkers who attend or participate in trainings.  Some of the things you could institute are

  • Have staff who attend a training share the information and or facilitate exercises from the training to coworkers at an assigned time. (I.E. staff meetings)
  • Make materials from the training available to other coworkers; have information in an identified location.
  • From the peer training, assess if this training is worth investing additional resources and staff time in at a future date.

Peer to peer training can increase teamwork, improve staff communication, and increase staff self esteem.  Peer to peer training is not intended to be a replacement for the original training; but a mechanism by which the knowledge gained can be shared and beneficial to others.
Please use the comment box below to indicate what your agency does to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among staff.