Orlando, FL – On January 20-21, campus grantees gathered in Orlando for the Winter 2010 Training & Technical Assistance (TTI).  The two days provided keynote speakers and workshop sessions aimed to address the institute’s theme “Coordinated Community Response and Working with Underserved Communities” by focusing on a variety of areas: law enforcement, best practices in meeting minimum grant standards, working with underserved communities, peer education, and engaging men in campus work.
A survivor of stalking opened the conference by sharing her experience.  As the Chief of Threat Assessment at Virginia Tech, Major Gene Deisinger addressed coordinated community response during lunch.  One participant noted that Major Deisinger “offered suggestions about how to address violence against women from a macro perspective.”  As someone that self-identifies as queer disabled woman of color, South Korean transracial adoptee, Mia Mingus closed the TTI with a discourse surrounding the intersectionality of identities that is often overlooked by sexual violence advocates across the country.   Another participant described Mia’s speech as “extremely inspiring, audacious, and insightful” by challenging attendees to look at various frameworks when doing sexual violence work.
Media from the TTI will be made available on the CALCASA site in coming weeks.  Below is the TTI program as a PDF.
Winter 2010 TTI program