Two years ago, five years, this decade; when was the last time your agency updated its personnel policies manual?  Is your manual in line with current federal and state regulations?  Does your manual include the current practices of the agency?  If your answer is I think so, maybe or I do not know; then it is time to take  a critical look at your personnel policies manual.
If you do not know where to begin; may I suggest with your sister California Rape Crisis Centers (RCC).  Identify who has recently updated their policies; request a copy, assess why certain changes were made and if it is relevant for your agency to do the same. 
Obviously, not every RCC has identical personnel policies manuals.  I have seen some policies that have a maximum of 6 pages and others with intricate details that flow over 65 pages.  Some of the more common sections of a personnel policies manual are:

  • Employee classifications
  • Grievance policy
  • Compensation
  • Attendance
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Leave of Absences
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Evaluations

Another option may be to contact organizations or individuals who specialize in risk management for nonprofit organizations.  They will have very specific information relevant to the field,  be aware of current changes and penalties when laws and regulations are not adhered to by the organization. 
You may also want to contact the insurance company that provides your nonprofit organization with its liability insurance; they may have some resources to be of assistance.  
Additional Resources:
Nonprofit Risk Management Center
California Association of Nonprofits
Resources for California Business Laws and Regulations
Alliance for Nonprofit Management
Creating an Effective Employee Handbook for Your Nonprofit
If you have recently updated your personnel policy and would like to provide insight to your sister organizations who are thinking about doing the same, please comment in the box below.