La Jolla, CA – In the last few weeks, communities at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have experienced a series of abhorrent events surrounding race.  Members of a fraternity invited guests to celebrate Black History Month by dressing as their “favorite ghetto stereotype.”  Most recently, a student left a noose in the main library which led to additional student protests demanding the school’s administration take active steps towards recognizing the hostile climate and work with students in order to create a safer environment for marginalized communities at UCSD.  On March 1, UC President Mark Yudoff and UC Regents Chairman Russell Gould met with students in Sacramento about the recent incidents of intolerance across the UC system.

The structural mechanisms at work in these incidents are similar each time a student is sexually assaulted.  Students, staff and faculty are entitled to thrive on a safe campus.  However, as advocates in the sexual violence field know, to end campus violence requires a collaborative effort from all stakeholders as part of an ongoing commitment rooted in accountability, open dialogue, and education.
Resource on Hate Crimes
Responding to Hate Incident (PDF)
Below are links that highlight reactions by UC administration, UCSD faculty, and the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties on race relations as well as Battle Hate at UCSD, the university’s response to creating a safer campus environment.
KPBS discussion on race relations at UCSD (web link)
Chancellors Statement (PDF)
Battle Hate at UCSD (web link)