Since 1999, Peace Over Violence has has organized Denim Day in LA & USA as a rape prevention education campaign. Emily Austin, division manager of prevention services at Peace Over Violence, explains in the above video that Denim Day’s history began in 1998 when an Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore jeans, reasoning she must have helped her attacker remove them. Annually on Denim Day, people everywhere are encouraged to wear jeans as a sign of protest against the myths that surround sexual assault.
For 2010, Peace Over Violence has various plans to raise awareness about the need to end sexual violence. The agency is bringing Denim Day to the Los Angeles Unified School District by distributing materials that will allow students to become empowered advocates for justice. Additionally, each year it creates buttons for Denim Day, adding a new language each year. This year, there will be buttons in Sign Language. One event that is still in the works is the possibility of organizing a flash mob in order to bring attention to a topic that bystanders may not be familiar.
Last year, 1 million people signed up for the cause. With an increase in its online presence, Peace Over Violence hopes to double that number this year. For more information or to sign up, visit Denim Day in LA & USA.