On Tuesday, May 25 at 11.00 a.m. (PST) the Campus Program will host a webinar on “Using a coordinated community response to stalking and sexual violence.” Erica Olsen and Valenda Applegarth will address stalking from a CCRT perspective.  In recent years, college campuses have witnessed an increase in violence through technology, thereby adding an additional area for coordinated community response teams (CCRT) to recognize and respond to with intervention and prevention efforts.  Emerging technologies pose a challenge for victim safety, privacy, and confidentiality.  The webinar will provide practical information about safety risks and the benefits of several technologies.  The webinar will discuss how to safety plan around technologies, how to obtain evidence and legal cases where technology has been involved.

Registration information and details were sent out on the project directors listserv.  Webinar materials including the presentation and audio will be made available on the calcasa website following the webinar.