Last month, CALCASA’s Director of Public Affairs Robert Coombs spent a weekend aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, which is the fifth Nimitz-class supercarrier in the United States Navy. He, along with bloggers and media, had the opportunity to explore the ship and meet with its crew.
While underway in the Pacific, Coombs learned about some of the initiatives the Navy has to deal with sexual assault. The timing was fitting because he was on board during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In the video clip, he interviews Lt. Cmdr. William J. Marks, the ship’s public affairs officer, who talks about the Navy’s commitment to victim intervention, prevention and response.
Coombs also met S.A.V.I. advocates — that’s Sexual Assault Victim Intervention. These individuals are doing some of the same work that advocates in California are working on, in addition to dealing with the special nature of working with sexual assault in the military.