In the Summer 2010 issue of Transforming Communities‘ newsletter Catalyst, there a a very funny and insightful glossary of common prevention terms:

Prevention: shutting down the war machine instead of applying bandages
Evidence-Based: almost impossible to replicate but a pretty good idea anyway
Positive Assets: all the things your grandparents swear that they had more of back in the good old days
Promotion: it’s sorta like having a GPS to get the world we want
Bystander: um… you, yeah you, and your friends over there, too
Adult Influencers: people over 25 who interact in some way with young people (i.e. all adults)
Evaluation and Documentation: the scrapbook you keep from a trip so other can enjoy your journey later

What other fun definitions can you think of?  “Social Ecology:  Taking care of the earth while talking to a friend.”  Maybe I should skip the attempt for humor.
Transforming Communities is a valuable resource providing technical assistance training and resources to create safety, justice and equality. They are doing some great prevention work. This issue also has great articles on practicing transformation, including a discussion of themes of lessons from prevention work. Check it out!