CALCASA was on board the USS Abraham Lincoln.

One exciting thing about watching all of the registrations pour in for the National Conference (NSAC) is getting a glimpse of who will be in attendance and where they are coming from. Staff at CALCASA recently noticed dozens of registrants from various branches of military. This is one signal of an ongoing shift in our field regarding the connection between victim advocacy and the military at large.

There has been a growing partnership between civilian victim advocates and those serving military populations. These ties have been particularly evident since the inception of SAPRO, along with campaigns like I. A.M. Strong, My Strength is for Defending and others. More and more, installations are turning to community-based organizations to provide services on bases, awareness raising or training.
Networking and relationship building between civilian victim advocates and military installations are just one of many different unique opportunities attendees can look forward to at the national conference. What are you looking forward to?