DOWG Members: Lita, Jacquie, Tiombe, Alena

When someone says “You really should have been there” or “You missed a wonderful event”.  This is truly accurate when referring to the 2010 CALCASA Statewide Pre-Conference.  On the first day, CALCASA was deliberate in having a plenary discussion that addressed inclusive leadership for the next generation.  This plenary was facilitated by the CALCASA Dismantling Oppression Work Group (DOWG).  DOWG’s intention at this statewide plenary was to seed conversation in preparing California rape crisis centers to develop inclusive leadership for the next generation of advocates and to provide tools to support participants in becoming strong allies committed to organizations, programs, and services. Participants in this plenary where actively involved in trying to achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn and practice a common, social-justice language of equity and alliance.
  • To deepen practical understanding of how inequity impacts leadership opportunities.
  • To critically analyze current succession planning efforts.
  • To use a transition framework to harness creative, inclusive leadership development.

The DOWG was established in 2005 by a small group of activist from the CALCASA Council and membership organizations who perceived a critical need to address issues of oppression and equity within the movement to end sexual violence.  The DOWG consist of a five person panel: Lita Mercado, Jacquie Marroquin, Alena Marie, Tiombe Preston, and Allan Creighton.  The DOWG participated as or were primary trainers at the following events:

  • CALCASA Social Justice and Inclusion
  • CALCASA Executive Director Meeting
  • 2010 CALCASA Statewide Pre-Conference
  • 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference

To find out more information about DOWG and or CALCASA trainings, please contact Kavin Black at CALCASA – or (916)446-2520 ext 305.  Please provide comments in the box below regarding this article