During the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference, which took place in Hollywood Sept. 1-3, 2010there were more than 80 workshops. The largest track was the Prevention Track sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Workshop Title: STAND & SERVE…Building a World We Want to Live In

  • Jennifer Rauhouse and Hannah Larson, Peer Solutions
  • Cesar Cristerna, Logan Tompkins, Shalante Perry, Chris Casarreal and Alexia Villalobos, STAND & SERVE Club Members, Middle School and High School Students

Description: Peer Solutions offers STAND & SERVE (S&S), a primary prevention initiative designed to cultivate safety, equality and respect as norms as a means to preventing sexual violence and the subsequent negative affects before they occur. This interactive and fun workshop was facilitated by S&S Middle and High School Students and Peer Solutions staff. We heard from Carol Hensell about how the Arizona Department of Health supports our work. We shared real examples of the steps needed to develop, implement and sustain efforts with an emphasis on community mobilization and relationship building to enhance recruitment and retention. We shared lessons learned from each other about what is working in our communities. We believe it takes everyone to build a world we want to live in. This is a world free from sexual violence; this is a world where safety, equality and respect are norms. We are all Peers, We are all the Solution.

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