Bishop Freeze & Lady Tasz perform at the National Sexual Assault Confernece in Hollywood, Calif.

Last week’s National Sexual Assault Conference in Hollywood was — from a CALCASA perspective — a great success. I, personally, learned a lot from many of the attendees.
Although the workshops and plenaries were a large focus of the conference, I think that the networking and dialogue were equally as important. It was inspiring to talk to people who had recently joined this movement, and on the flip side, to learn from those who have been doing this work for decades.
As attendees take this week to reflect, we’re interested in knowing what you walked away with from NSAC. What were some of the highlights? What did you learn? What else could we have had included?
A few people are already writing their reflections. Check out the blogs A Connectionist Perspective on the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference and National Sexual Assault Conference 2010: Ashley’s Perspective.