With the new school year starting in September and Domestic Violence Awareness Month coming in October, it is the season for new prevention posters and materials.   I will highlight some of the newest media that I have seen.

Men Can Stop Rape poster

www.mencanstoprape.org Used with pemission.

Washington DC based Men Can Stop Rape have released its new series of posters featuring younger teens called [YMOST] : [Young] Men of Strength. I have seen four posters featured in Amanda Hess’ blog about Men Can Stop Rape’s Men of Strength Awards Dinner.
Each poster features the text “As a young man of strength…” and then has  young men model taking action to interrupt bullying, teasing, cyber-bullying, and sexual harassment.  Young men are asked to “share your strength.” This campaign fits into the theme of other Men Can Stop Rape materials that feature “my strength is not for hurting.” Click here to see these posters.
We Respect our partners!

www.datesafeproject.org Used with permission.

The Date Safe Project has created five new posters on reducing dating violence and building healthy relationships for teens. Many of these posters highlight the theme of respect.  Over the last several months the Date Safe Project has been in a process soliciting input from prevention practitioners and youth themselves to develop these materials. Click here to see these new posters.
In recent trainings I have emphasized that prevention efforts and materials need to clearly reach the intended audience and clarify what the desired behavior is.  I especially like the specific behavioral modeling in the Men Can Stop Rape posters. Of course, these materials can be even more effective if coordinated with other prevention activities.
What do you think about these posters? Any other new resources that you have seen?