Sandra Henriquez, CALCASA's new Executive Director, spoke about the importance of self-care and wellness at the 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference.

CALCASA is excited to announce that Sandra Henriquez — a leader with decades of service to the survivor and advocate community — has been named the executive director to the statewide coalition.
“I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead this wonderful organization and to work with our friends and allies to end sexual violence,” Sandra said. “We must hear the concerns of survivors and victims throughout our communities and to speak up on their behalf.”
Recently, Sandra delivered a keynote address at CALCASA’s 2010 National Sexual Assault Conference. She spoke on the importance of self-care for those who have committed careers to ending sexual violence.
CALCASA Board President Lisa Jackson welcomed Sandra in a written statement: “We’re delighted that Sandra will be coming on board as our new Executive Director. She brings a wealth of expertise and experience as a long-time sexual assault advocate in the field and is committed to CALCASA’s vision of a world without sexual violence.”
CALCASA staff is eager for Sandra’s arrival and to work with another executive director who is passionate about and committed to ending sexual violence. This is an opportunity to create an exciting new chapter in the agency’s history.
Check out the website Thursday — there will be a short video from Sandra, greeting CALCASA’s membership and partners. Please help CALCASA staff and the Board of Directors welcome Sandra Henriquez!
To read more about Sandra, download the press release.