Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Last Friday, 200 men stood together on the Oprah Show to reveal that they were sexually abused. During the episode, Oprah interviewed several survivors, including filmmaker Tyler Perry, about the trauma of being abused and the ways in which it has affected their lives.
The purpose behind the show was the bring to the forefront a topic that is “taboo, surrounded by stigma and shame. People don’t often talk about childhood sexual abuse, a silent and devastating epidemic, but a staggering number of men live with the lasting effects every day,” according to the Oprah Show website.
Behind the scene of the show were representatives from 1in6, an organization that helps men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.
“Although many scientific studies have demonstrated the enormity of this problem, very few resources are available specifically for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse,” said Dr. David Lisak, Founding Board Member of 1in6, in a press release. “Common effects include addiction, depression, anxiety and relationship problems, so this is a huge problem for millions of men and our whole society. But it’s received little attention because it’s been such a taboo subject and men have been reluctant to seek information and help. Hopefully Oprah’s ground-breaking shows will help to change that.”
The second part of the episode is airing this Friday, Nov. 12. Joining the show will be some of partners in these 200 survivors’ lives, as the men talk more about the fallout of sexual abuse.