California Legislative Women’s Caucus is formed and ready to advocate on behalf of women and children throughout the state! The caucus has elected two new co-chairs, Senator Noreen Evans and Assembly Member Bonnie Lowenthal.
Every new session of the California Legislature brings changes in membership and leadership. The Legislature has many different caucuses such as the Republic or Democratic caucuses, as well as the Latino Caucus and the Black Caucus. However, the Legislative Women’s Caucus stands out as a true ally to CALCASA and it’s members.
This small and outspoken group of women, have been organized as a political force since 1985, but traces their origins back to 1918 when the first women were elected to public office in California. They currently make up 32 of the 120 legislators, which is above the national average of elected female legislators (CA: 27%; National average: 24%). Of the 32 legislators, eight are first-year officials and will need the assistance of organizations like CALCASA to highlight issues important to women.
The Women’s Caucus already advocates on a variety of issues including caregivers rights, sexual assault services, domestic violence, women’s health, and has been a consistent supporter and sponsor of Denim Day CA and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It’s most recent actions were advocating against budget cuts that disproportionately affected women and children.
Meet your 2011-12 Legislative Women’s Caucus: