StoryTelling & Organizing Project (STOP) is an Oakland based project

Community-based responses to interpersonal violence are rooted in the power of sharing narratives.

The StoryTelling & Organizing Project (STOP) is a community project collecting and sharing stories about everyday people taking action to end interpersonal violence.  As a community-based prevention effort, STOP seeks to “find out what helped survivors feel supported or what helped people change to stop their violence. We can get good ideas about how family, friends, neighbors, and community members can create safety and accountability among ourselves. We build healthy, self-determined communities.”
STOP is a project of Creative Interventions, which was established as a resource center to create and promote community-based responses to interpersonal violence.  To see some of the great work that STOP does, check the following video out.
STOP in Action from STOP on Vimeo.