If you have ever written a grant proposal, you know that creating objectives are a crucial part of the process.  Many people have written grant objectives; far fewer people  have written clear and concise objectives that truly convey what they are trying to achieve through the grant.  There is an adage that says “work smarter not harder.”  Using the acronym S.M.A.R.T. is one method that can assist you in creating a better objective.
Specific objectives are clear and well defined.  The objectives should describe the specific desired result.
How do you know that the objective was met?  If you have a measurable outcome, this can be crucial in the review process of the grant.  It lets the reviewer know that this is “no pie in the sky concept”; but you have a benchmark to indicate success or failure.
Is the objective you created achievable?  Is it a reasonable goal?
Relevant / Realistic
Are the objectives realistic?  Are the objectives relevant to the purpose of the grant you are writing?
Do your objectives have a time table that indicate when they will be completed?
The S.M.A.R.T. method is one way to create better objectives.  Writing a better objective can increase your chances of getting that grant and also be used as an internal template to determine where you need to improve or make adjustments.