In an episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, which has been described as more satire and comedy than news, long-time host Jon Stewart and contributor/comedienne Kristen Schaal (introduced as the Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent) spent a little over five minutes tackling the issue of “forcible rape” and “abortion” currently being addressed by Congress (“No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” H.R. 3). Watch the clip below:

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When the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” was brought to CALCASA’s attention, we quickly signed onto a letter with other state coalitions and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence to tell Congress of the unfortunate results if such legislation was to pass. Recent reports indicate that Congress has amended the parts of the bill that would have redefined sexual assault. We continue to advocate and inform Congress of the correct path they should take as it relates to sexual violence and reproductive health.
Was The Daily Show on target or off base? Should comedy and satire be considered a legitimate means of discussing issues around reproductive rights and sexual assault? What are you thoughts about this segment? Join the discussion and give us your feedback!