In year’s past CALCASA has had various trainings for Volunteer Manager and Volunteer Coordniators.  However, this is the first year that we are having a bilingual Spanish speaking training.  On March 24, 2011  in Burbank, California CALCASA will have Nuestras Voces, Nuestro Idioma: Creando Un Entrenamiento Bilingüe.  This training is intended for California rape crisis center and dual program staff that speak Spanish and want to build a bilingual volunteer training program at their agency to access the diversity of volunteers in their community to address the needs of Spanish speaking surviovrs of sexual assault. To register for this event go to Bilingual Training.  For more information regarding this training please contact Kavin Black at (916) 446-2520 x305 or  Once you register for this event you will have access to travel stipend ( scholarship) and other important information.  Registration deadline is May18, 2011.