An agency’s greatest resource is its staff.   How you manage those resources can determine if you succeed or fail.   Volunteer Managers play a key role in managing resources; they manage volunteers.  CALCASA’s Statewide Volunteer Management Training – “More Than Just Filling A Shift” will take place in Burbank California on May 25-26, 2011.
This two day training is intended for Volunteer Managers, Volunteer Coordinators or anyone who is responsible for the operations of the volunteer program and or supervision of volunteers at rape crisis centers or dual agencies in California.    Some of the content covered for this training will be:

  • Marketing of your volunteer program
  • Increasing agency’s capacity to utilize volunteers
  • Training content for your volunteer program
  • Ways to improve management of volunteers
  • Evaluating your volunteer program

Attendees will be active contributors in the learning process by participating in small group activities, providing personal experiences and knowledge, completing project homework, networking and putting learned principles into practice.
Travel Stipends are available for member agencies who will be sending participants to this event.   Stipend applications will be made available to you once you have registered for the training.
To register please click here: Statewide Volunteer Management Training -“More Than Just A Shift”
For more information regarding  CALCASA’s Statewide Volunteer Managmeent Training -“More Than Just Filling A Shift” or Nuestras Voces, Nuestro Idioma: Creando Un Entrenamiento Bilingüe (majority of this training will be in Spanish)contact Kavin Black at or (916)446-2520 x 305.