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Raising consciousness about the complexity surrounding human trafficking is an increasingly important aspect of sexual violence. As we broaden our lens to end sexual violence, it is critical to discuss the struggle associated with human trafficking.  Many groups, communities and organizations across the country and world are collaborating in identifying root causes of violence, risk & recruitment, and strategies that multidisciplinary teams can use to systemically address sexual violence by drawing from the efforts of colleagues working to end trafficking.  This webinar presents an opportunity for practitioners to make the link between the trafficking of young girls and women with the sexual violence response practices of coordinated community response teams at institutions of higher education.

This webinar will present a basic overview of the issue of the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in the United States. Stephanie M. Cabrera Esenwa is an attorney with GEMS, an organization that serves sexually trafficked minors, provides technical assistance to law enforcement and social service agencies.  It will examine the factors that put youth at risk for this type of exploitation, and will discuss how youth are recruited into and trapped in the commercial sex industry.  Best practices for engaging with exploited youth will be discussed.  The webinar will serve as a space to discuss the intersection of commercial sexual exploitation of children with domestic/intimate partner violence to raise critical consciousness and dialog with participants about ways in which coordinated community response teams can engage with each other to create more effective response practices.
Webinar Presentation on CSEC (slides in PDF)
Recording of Presentation on CSEC (available to registered webinar participants only)