The newest issue of Connections features several articles about commercial sexual exploitation of children. The voice of a survivor (who received services from the Oakland, CA based MISSEY) provides a powerful statement about the experience of sexual exploitation in this excerpt of a poem published in this resource:

All my life I’ve been rejected
All my life I’ve been neglected
All my life I’ve been disrespected
All I ever wanted to be was protected

Other articles include Know the Facts: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children developed by The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation that provides background on this issue. I like the prevention focus of the article Addressing Demand that highlights 10 steps to demand change including raise awareness, everyday action, advocate for change and keep learning. New York based Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) describes how to use the Stages of Change model to counsel child victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Connections is a publication of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. Click here to get this issue.