Bette Davis accepts an award on behalf of the Bay Area Women Against Rape for 40 years in the rape crisis movement.

The first week of August was CALCASA’s 2011 Leadership Conference, which began with a reflection about the evolution and revolution of the rape crisis movement. The morning plenary began by honoring two rape crisis centers in California that have been working to end sexual violence for 40 years. Bette Davis from Bay Area Women Against Rape and Patti Giggans from Peace Over Violence(formerly the L.A. Commission on Assaults Against Women) accepted awards, as both of their agencies were founded in 1971.

Linda Bowen Commemoration

In the audience was Linda Bowen, Chief of the Sexual Assault Section-Victim Services Branch of the California Emergency Management Agency, who has been working in the rape crisis movement for 36 years. CALCASA commemorated Linda with a video slideshow to highlight her passion and dedication to ending violence against women.
Leah Aldridge, an advocate who has been in the violence against women movement for more than 20 years, was the keynote speaker who talked about where this movement started and what we need to do as we go forward. She talked about the importance of understanding our roots while at the same time being open and receptive to change.

Leah Aldridge, keynote speaker

During the remainder of the day, attendees participated in sessions about confidentiality, social media, male survivors and management. Tomorrow, the conference will continue with more discussion about intergenerational leadership and how this movement can continue to improve its services and capacity.
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