At the 2011 Leadership Conference in Sacramento, Calif., CALCASA will host a variety of workshops dedicated to Special Focus Areas for advocates working with survivors of sexual violence. Among those workshops is Lasting Effects of Childhood Sexual Experiences in Men’s Lives.
This workshop for advocates and other professionals, who work with men, provides an overview of the particular ways men respond to childhood sexual abuse. The workshop covers:

  • Common misunderstandings about men and sexual abuse
  • Special barriers men face in disclosing childhood abuse
  • How cultural norms may inhibit men from seeking treatment
  • Discussion of existing resources and the challenge of finding therapists specifically trained to work with male survivors of sexual abuse
  • Guidance on the critical need to remain neutral when raising the issue of sexual abuse or responding to a disclosure

This training is most useful for those with basic knowledge and understanding of sexual abuse dynamics.
Presenters: Steve LePore
Download Workshop Materials:
Workshop PowerPoint
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