At the 2011 Leadership Conference in Sacramento, Calif., CALCASA will host a variety of workshops dedicated to Prevention for advocates working with survivors of sexual violence. Among those workshops is Community Mobilization to Prevent Sexual Violence Part 1 & 2.
Sexual violence is supported by societal and community norms. Eliminating it requires fundamental change on many levels. One of those levels is the community level. Communities are a powerful force in shaping the behaviors of their members. One effective tool in creating social change is community mobilization.  This workshop will provide an overview of two community mobilization frameworks and showcase the work of one California rape crisis center to mobilize members of its community to prevent sexual violence. Additionally this workshop will provide participants an opportunity to evaluate and discuss community mobilization strategies in relation to their own violence against women work.
Presenters: Lydia Guy Ortiz & Evelyn Garcia
Download Workshop Materials:
Workshop PowerPoint
Community Development Handout
Peer2Peer Project