Leah Aldridge, presenter, CALCASA 2011 Leadership Conference

During CALCASA’s 2011 Leadership Conference, Leah Aldridge, an activist who has been in the rape crisis movement for almost 25 years, gave the keynote presentation about the past, present and future of this work. This year’s conference theme, The Evolution and Revolution of Our Movement, celebrates the 40 years of how the California Rape Crisis movement was formed, how it has grown and evolved, not only as a grassroots movement, but as a profession. This field was founded in a revolutionary time; it has evolved and we are once again at a pivotal moment, one in which we must consider a new type of revolution. As we continue to lay the foundation for the future of our movement, we have much to reflect upon and consider. We must strive to successfully engage and embrace a new generation of advocates and leaders; to integrate new ideas and approches; to be receptive to adapting our existing efforts to intervene and prevent sexual violence. We must meld the youth, the founders and our new generation of emerging leaders, because only together can we transcent the many challenges that we face today.