Greetings again from the YWCA Silicon Valley Green Dot Team! After three successful Green Dot speeches, we gathered our first audience for a trial run of the Green Dot Training last Saturday, December 3rd. Fourteen people who work or volunteer at the YWCA Silicon Valley gave up their Saturday to help us test our clickers and learn more about the Green Dot Strategy. The training ran relatively smoothly and everyone came away from the day feeling empowered and inspired to act. Not only did we get to run through the material, but we also got to use evaluative techniques to gauge what we can improve upon for future trainings. Here is some of the feedback that we received:

“My favorite part was the way the presenters communicated and integrated the audience into the presentation. They left me on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what we were about to hear next.”
“Hearing people’s personal stories really helped to connect the training to real life.”
“I really liked the entertaining videos, the inspiring personal stories, the interactive clicker activities, and the passionate trainers.”
Until next time fellow Green Dotters!

Guest post provided by Stacey Carlotta from the YWCA of Silicon Valley. For more information, please contact her at