Today the Senate voted 68 to 31 to pass the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). To see how each Senator voted, click here. We are happy to report that both Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer voted in favor of this reauthorization of VAWA. The next step for this bill is moving on to the House of Representatives.
This iteration of the Violence Against Women Act is the “first to include access to law enforcement and services for Native American women, better access for immigrant women who fear deportation if they report violence, and better access for LGBT victims” (Ms. Magazine). Senator Harry Reid released this statement about today’s historic vote:

“More than a third of women in this country have been victims of violence, sexual assault or stalking by a partner. Today’s strong bipartisan vote will give law enforcement agencies the tools they need to prosecute and convict the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, and will help victims get the protection and support they need.
I urge my colleagues in the House to quickly approve the Senate’s bipartisan bill… One case of abuse is one too many, and every day that law enforcement agencies lack all of the tools they need to combat domestic abuse is one day too many.”

We will continue to bring you updates as VAWA progresses in the House of Representatives!