VAWnet has released a great new special collection titled Men and Boys: Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence. The engagement of men and boys in sexual and domestic violence prevention as evolved over the years. The introduction of this collection states:

…as the movement grew, more anti-violence programs recognized that in order to best meet the needs of the community and their own social change goals, it is necessary to draw a balance between the priorities of 1) honoring the history, principles, and gender-based social analysis upon which programs are built, and 2) building an inclusive organization with the capacity to move the mission of ending violence forward. As part of the growth of these movements, we’ve shifted in the way we understand prevention. Expanding beyond risk reduction as our main prevention strategy, we now embrace primary prevention strategies as well. Primary prevention involves changing the culture of violence, addressing the root causes of oppression, and creating spaces where violence is not tolerated. It is clear that working with men and boys is an important part of primary prevention efforts.

This collection has links to written materials, video and podcasts about a wide range of topics such as “Men, anti-violence movements, and feminism”, “The intersections of race, class, and gender,” “Addressing challenges and barriers to working with men and boys,” “Understanding the primary prevention approach to engaging boys and men,” “Accountability work with men and boys,” and “Promising programs.” (Disclosure: some of the materials in this collection include those developed by CALCASA’s national project PreventConnect).
Thanks to VAWnet for putting together this collection. Click here to view the entire collection.