photo taken by couscouschocolat

             Contributed by: Monica Duester, CALCASA intern

The “hook-up culture” on college campuses has largely replaced traditional dating across America. The discussions around hook-up culture primarily centers around women and the opposing views.   The two views being that it either violates or empowers them. 
According to Paula England, Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, hook-up is a new social form where something sexual precedes rather than follows dates or other expressions of relational intent.  Professor England conducted a College Social Life research study on the topic of Hook-Up Culture on college campuses.  She believes this is gendered against women.  She points out that gendering of this new social form seems as extreme as gendering of old dating and courtship forms.  To learn about Professor England’s study and to watch her video click here.
The article Boys on the Side in the September 2012 issue of the Atlantic, takes a different spin on the topic of hook-up culture.  Author Hanna Rosin points out the incredible gains that have been made by women and how many of those came from the sexual liberation.  She goes on to say that women in there 20’s and 30’s are more successful on average than their single male counterparts.  She points out, the development is linked to the “new landscape of sexual freedom- the ability to delay marriage and have temporary relationships that do not derail education or career.”  She believes the hookup culture helps the feminist movement, and it is women, not men, who are responsible for this new culture, especially in schools.
Rosin reports, “The most patient and thorough research about the hook-up culture shows that over the long run, women benefit greatly from living in a world where they can have sexual adventure without commitment or all that much shame, and where they can enter into temporary relation­ships that don’t get in the way of future success.” To read the full article and the research studies cited click here.
Despite the fact that college students are hooking-up there are many who disagree with how prevalent it is portrayed.  Nevertheless it looks like the college hook-up culture is here to stay.