Yesterday, Good Morning America aired a news story about a college freshman named Alexandra Kogut who was killed over the weekend.
 “Prosecutors believe the popular freshman at the State University of New York Brockport campus was murdered early Saturday morning by Clayton Whittemore, 21, who had apparently been visiting for the weekend.
 Whittemore allegedly admitted to killing his girlfriend, according to a criminal complaint, The Associated Press reported.
 On Saturday, he pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges.”
On Facebook, students are pledging to wear purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month on a new page “Remembering Alex Kogut,” and a vigil was held Monday night in remembrance of her.
This terrible news comes at the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a month dedicated to spreading awareness about the realities of interpersonal violence.  As we start the month, let us look at what is happening on our college campuses around the nation and remember the importance of education and awareness raising in college communities.