Photo courtesy of NPR

Every time I get on the highway, I feel surrounded by tractor-trailers. As I travel throughout California, I notice them more and more on the roads and at the rest stops. I had no idea that many of the drivers were my allies in ending violence against women!
“Truckers Against Trafficking” is a nonprofit that trains truck drivers on ways to identify the warning signs of human trafficking and gives them resources to intervene. Sarah Jakiel  [founder of the hotline] said,

some of the best calls come from truckers because they’re at the center of things, in an “incredibly unique position to recognize and report sex trafficking of children in this country. They’re seeing it at truck stops, travel plazas.” (NPR)

This story inspired me to think outside of the box and analyze my potential partners in this work. Who else can you engage in the work to end sexual violence and human trafficking?
For the full story from NPR, click here. 
To learn more about Truckers Against Trafficking, visit their site.