hollaback! logoAddressing and preventing sexual harassment is an important component of any effort to eliminate sexual violence on college campuses.  To assist in such efforts, Hollaback! just released new research about harassment on college campuses.  Surveying 282 undergraduates, graduate, and part-time college students and 44 campus administrators from a range of U.S. campuses, they found:

  • Students are being harassed on campus

              67% personally experienced harassment on campus
              61% witnessed another student being harassed on college campus

  • Harassment is limiting ability to benefit from education 

             46% said harassment caused disappointment with college experience
             20% said harassment caused inability to concentrate in class

             23% said harassment prevented attendance in class/social activities

  • Current campus systems and processes are insufficient 

             55% of college administrators said that current systems are not sufficient
In addition to providing this valuable information, Hollaback! also offers tips and suggestions for how to address sexual harassment on campus.  Access the full report with more data, find additional resources, and learn more about Hollaback! here.