CALCASA will be conducting web conferences and in-person trainings that support California’s rape crisis centers in navigating current and future directions for California Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) program development. These trainings will meet the training requirements from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for the RPE contract.
Web Conference: February 27, 2014 2:00 pm-3:30 pm: Using Data to Grow Prevention Programs
This web-conference will explore using institutional, community and experiential data to inform program development and to identify a population of focus for sexual violence prevention efforts. This web-conference will be useful in developing the population of focus section in the upcoming RPE RFA.
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Regional Trainings March 2014: Selecting Sexual Violence Prevention Strategies to Fit Diverse Communities
This training will orient participants to the five prevention strategies that CDPH has selected for future RPE program implementation. It will also explore factors to consider when choosing a sexual violence prevention strategy so that the approach is responsive to individual community needs and assets, incorporates an evaluation concepts including logic model development, and prioritizes meaningful outcomes.  Information from this training can be applied when developing an RPE program that is congruent with CDPH selected strategies and can be communicated in response to the RPE RFA.

  • March 7, 2014, 10am-3pm,  Mid Coast Region, Santa Cruz
  • March 11, 2014, 10am-3pm, Valley Region, Visalia
  • March 19, 2014, 10am-3pm, Central Coast, Lompoc
  • March 21, 2014, 10am-3pm, North Region, Redding
  • March 25, 2014, 10am-3pm, Bay Region, Burlingame
  • March 28, 2014, 10am-3pm,   South Region, Los Angeles

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Web Conference: May 14, 2014, 2:00 pm-3:30 pm: Comprehensive Primary Prevention: Bringing it All Together
This web conference will follow-up the the logic model trainings held in 2013, Regional trainings on prevention strategies and using data to address concerns raised in previous trainings and web conferences.
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Please contact Abby Sims or David Lee if you have any questions.