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Some possible upcoming changes in legislation are underway. According to the Los Angeles Times, Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) introduced Bill 1433 which would require California colleges to report violent crimes to the appropriate local law enforcement agency unless requested otherwise by the victim.
Bill 1498, introduced by Nora Campos (D-San Jose), requests that victims of sexual assault be granted a restraining order without the need to testify as provided to domestic violence victims.
In the news, a student from the University of Toledo was sexually assaulted off campus while on a night out with friends. Police are currently investigating the crime. A Fairfield University student has turned himself in to police for the sexual assault of another student in October and was formally charged January 10th. Fairfield University is cooperating with the police investigation and will begin the disciplinary hearing of the student.
There have been many reports of Colleges and Universities who have have come under scrutiny for the lack  compliance with the Clery Act and Title IX.
Emerson College in Boston is no exception.  It has three student complaints from current students who are accusing the university of mishandling their sexual assault cases and is now pending a federal investigation.
Without any complaints or accusations, Cornell University has chosen to review their sexual assault policies in hopes of providing students the support necessary in light of the sexual assault mismanagements.
In order to help out Universities and Colleges understand the laws regarding their duties to students of sexual assault, the Clery Center will be providing in person 2-day training seminars in California at William Jessup University in Rocklin as well as Occidental College in Los Angeles. Please visit their website for more information as well as a list of other training seminars in other states.