SB 967 Students

Today, CALCASA attended a press event where Senator de Leon and the leadership of the Legislative Women’s Caucus announced proposed legislation to create safer college communities and comprehensive resources for sexual assault survivors. SB 967 will require California colleges and universities to address campus sexual violence by requiring them to adopt consistent victim-centered sexual assault response policies and protocols that follow best practices and professional standards.
Over 20 college-aged women joined Senator de Leon, Senator Jackson, and Assemblywoman Lowenthal as they urged a cultural shift on college campuses surrounding sexual violence. Sarah Yang, co-founder and President of the Women’s Health Initiative at UC Davis spoke out, “In some cases, students do not even know what campus resources exist or where to turn for help. Student activists, like me, can help change the culture on campus, but the schools, themselves, must support student survivors.”
This legislation is part of a larger, national movement that is gaining traction to prevent sexual violence on campus and ensure safer experiences for all students. The Obama Administration has affirmed its commitment to ending sexual violence on campus and announced the White House Task Force on Protecting Students from Sexual Assault. The Task Force will provide schools with best practices for the prevention of sexual violence, improve the transparency of the federal government’s enforcement activities, and facilitate the coordination of federal agencies tasked to hold colleges and universities accountable for combating sexual violence.
CALCASA is a proud supporter of SB 967 and will keep you updated on the status of this legislation and the national initiative.

Photo: Senator Jackson and Senator de Leon with students from UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and Sacramento State.