screen shot of documentCALCASA offers monthly prevention conference calls to encompass all California rape prevention work, especially the Rape Prevention and Education programs.  The last call focused on utilizing volunteers in prevention, a topic of great interest to, and requested by, the state’s RPE-funded agencies.  As promised, CALCASA produced this Utilizing Volunteers for Prevention one-pager* to summarize the information shared on the call.  As the trainer and facilitator for last month’s call, I was impressed by the vast knowledge and experience the many call participants shared regarding utilizing volunteers for prevention – volutneers are an absolutely indispensable resource and it’s imperative that we continue to learn from each other about how best to engage and sustain them.  I look forward to future calls on additional and related topics.
Download the one-pager here.  Read the PreventConnect blog post about this document and topic here.
For questions about the topic or the document, contact me at  Contact Chad Sniffen at for more information about the monthly prevention calls.
*This document is a combination of information from CALCASA’s Leona Smith Di Faustino, Sari Lipsett, and Ashley Maier.