Today, CALCASA is proud to release its “2014 Student Summit on Sexual Assault: Report and Recommendations”.
Given the current climate on college campuses and the increased called for better policy mechanisms to support survivors, CALCASA resScreenshot 2014-11-04 08.38.37ponded by convening 50 students, with diverse cultural and college backgrounds, to share their experiences and work with CALCASA to develop recommendations for institutional change during the 2014 Student Summit on Sexual Assault. During this 2-day event, students shared their varying experiences, identified gaps and strengths and, using their collective thought process, helped develop recommendations for universities, colleges, legislators, funders, and other stakeholders to meet the needs of students most effectively. This report is a culmination of student input and perspectives from the Student Summit.
We hope that rape crisis centers, college and university campuses, legislators and funders use this report to adjust to the new landscape of campus sexual violence. CALCASA is excited to work with all partners and stakeholders to provide technical assistance and support. CALCASA has served as a national leaders on campus violence (sexual, dating, domestic, and stalking) via our work with the Office of Violence Against Women and the Centers for Disease Control in supporting the work of communities and institutions in addressing and preventing sexual violence.
As you review the report, consider how you can create the change you want to see on your campus and in your community. For more information, please contact CALCASA’s Campus Team.