We will not be silenced. #StandWithHer
National Justice Ride For Survivors of Holtzclaw Assaults.

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#StandWithHer Flyer

“Research shows that we are raped by officers after being pulled over or in police stations; We are harassed, profiled, strip searched, body-cavity searched, beaten, and murdered by agents of the state on a systematic basis. Our experiences reveal that women and especially women of African descent are often perceived through gendered and racialized stereotypes framing us as hypersexualized, lascivious, unrapeable and sexually available to all.” –Black Women’s Blueprint
Black Women’s Blueprint along with endorsing organizations (CALCASA, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence and Girl For Gender Equity) and partners (Black Lives Matter, NYC, The Ms. Foundation) are en route to Oklahoma City for The National Justice Ride For Survivors of Holtzclaw Assaults to acknowledge and stand with the Black Women Officer Holtzclaw sexually assaulted. Holtzclaw is due to be sentenced this Thursday, January 21, 2016.
The National Justice Ride for Black Women is a national stand against the sexualize brutalization of Black Women and girls whether by State agents or private citizens across the country. This stand will be an introduction to some and common knowledge for others. Unfortunately, this is the historical fabric for Black Women in the land of the free and the home of the brave. These acts continue to be out of sight, beyond the visual range and undisclosed. Black Women’s experience of sexual assault, alleged and actual, is not covered with the same emphasis as mainstream women and celebrities (i.e. Bill Cosby). Mr. Cosby was viewed as a man of honor, with moral fiber. However, Officer Holtzclaw’s plausible characteristic resembled that of Mr. Cosby except he wore a badge of honor. In contrast, Holtzclaw’s criminal case lacked similar media coverage. Nonetheless, the National Justice Ride For Survivors of Holtzclaw Assaults is taking matters into their own hands to validate the existence of Black Women and their history of sexual assault.
This is the week of action organized by Black Women’s Blueprint’s national membership organization and collective including healers, community organizers, cultural workers, media specialist, counselor and advocates from everywhere between New York and Oklahoma City. The agenda entails
January 20th– Healing March
January 21st – Verdict Reading
January 22nd-Black Women’s Blueprint Live Radio Broadcast
In support of survivors, there will be space to “Tell Your Own Story” anonymously or with social workers/healers. Black Women’s Blueprint is raising funds to support families of the Sisters directly impacted in Oklahoma and help cover travel, supplies and potential urgent cost (i.e. legal fees and other safety matters).
In solidarity, take an individual and/or group photo with the sign hashtag #StandWithHer and post it on social media the day of the sentencing and leading up to January 21, 2015.
We encourage you to support the National Justice Ride and fundraising efforts. Please visit Black Women’s Blueprint Facebook page for more details.
We will not be silenced. #StandWithHer