Earlier today, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two counts of felony sex crimes and rape and sentenced to twenty three years in prison. With further indictments coming down the line, including from Los Angeles, we should expect further media coverage of this case.
Yet, this is just one man. This case demonstrates the need for greater efforts to prevent sexual violence. The prevalence of sexual violence throughout our society points to the need for greater transparency and leadership among industries, businesses, faith communities, education, sport and other sectors to cultivate healthier environments. “Real and transformative change begins when each of us plays our role to advance the anti-sexual violence movement,” stated Sandra Henriquez, CEO of CALCASA.
The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault asserts the dignity of all survivors and works towards a future free from sexual violence. We can honor these silence breakers by addressing the way sexual violence is allowed to exist within our society and invest our time and resources in preventing it from happening in the first place.
We have work to do… let’s make #BoldMoves today.
Click here to read CALCASA’s stance and talking points.