In the wake of continued police violence against predominantly Black communities and associated national protests mourning lives lost and calling for needed accountability and upheaval of white supremacist systems, sexual and intimate partner violence practitioners are reflecting on ways to more deeply engage with anti-racism work. Anti-racism work isn’t an add-on to sexual and intimate partner violence prevention; anti-racism work is critical to violence prevention and uprooting systems of oppression that allow violence and inequity to occur.
PreventConnect’s 2019 blog on the connection between racism and sexual and intimate partner violence prevention has been updated with new and comprehensive resource lists for people in all stages of their journeys in anti-racism work. Below is a list of trainings for prevention practitioners to strengthen their commitment and action to anti-racism within the next week. PreventConnect is a place for conversation, so please use the comment section below to add information on additional trainings for anti-racism and sexual and intimate partner violence prevention.