In August 2020, PreventConnect hosted a web conference titled Taking Prevention Online: Tips and Best Practices for Facilitating Engaging Online Events. This web conference was a timely resource for Preventionists nationwide who are still grappling with the challenges of adapting prevention programs in a virtual landscape. This web conference was hosted twice and facilitated by CALCASA’s PreventConnect team, Tori Vandelinde and Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez. PreventConnect published a blog underscoring key takeaways from the event, but the abridged highlights are below:

  • Context is changing, but prevention is adaptable.
  • There is no one way, one platform to deliver prevention messages and programming online.
  • Key ingredients of online engagement including accommodating needs during COVID-19.

A resource list including numerous tools to support online programming accompanied the web conference and the recording can be watched HERE. For a deep dive into the reflections listed above, read the full blog HERE.