Talking Points:

Some folks may have questions about the content we are sharing. Use this as a guide to enhance your positions.

  1. Our collective movements have come so far in restoring autonomy and personhood, but we are not done yet. We are only scratching the surface and we need federal baseline protection for reproductive rights. We need to protect access to abortion and ensure contraception is not criminalized. We want to promote intergenerational cycles of choice and acknowledge that this is everyone’s fight.
  2. Congress is back in session right after midterm elections. No matter the outcome, we have to be ready to move to get legislation passed as quickly as possible. Start talking with your community about your mobilization capacity.
  3. We need to engage in meaningful, collective work to identify unique solutions to establish a baseline protection for abortion and contraception. This is what we need right now. This is what the communities we work with deserve – baseline human rights for folks.
  4. Republicans are planning to enact a federal abortion ban. They are lying about “state-by-state” until they have enough power to enact a federal law. We have to block them before they can, and we can do this by enacting federal baseline protection for abortion and contraception.
  5. This is an equity issue. We cannot be forcing births, taking access away to healthcare, or other forms of harm on folks. We deserve federal protection ALL the time. We deserve bodily autonomy and the right to personhood.
  6. This is a movement, not a moment. We want you to join us from start to finish and we know that will take some time. We will continue to show up because we’ve experienced the initial step towards systemic loss of choice and autonomy. Let’s get to work!