2022 was a tremendous year for VALOR! It was a year of growth and challenges for us and our partners as we continue to work to prevent and end sexual violence by advancing equity and eradicating oppression. Read our annual report here and join us for another year of transformative work.

Our report is also available in Spanish.

The artwork featured on the front and back cover of our Annual Report is by Beckie Uta Masaki, a California-based artist and co-founder and Founding Executive Director of Asian Women’s Shelter, San Francisco, CA.; among the first shelters to meet language/cultural needs of Asian survivors of domestic violence/ human trafficking.

Painting done by Beckie Uta Masaki featuring the ocean flowing into a river and bright yellow sand. Five people pulling kelp from the water and placing it in baskets. Text on the painting that says, “V is for Valor and when turning sideways a natural pivot. Just like streams into rivers as they converge and flow into the vast Pacific Ocean.”    Painting done by Beckie Uta Masaki featuring farmland and mountains. There is a yellow path shaped like the VALOR arrow where five people are walking and carrying baskets filled with crops. One woman has a baby on her back. Text on the painting that says, “And like pathways that open and turn through the fields when we walk forward together, and we all are in the V of VALOR, planting, branching, spreading, and growing upward as well as turning sideways. We create a potent pivot.”