09/08/2022 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST



David Lee and Shelby Vice


Anita Raj and Jeannine Barbato


Since 2020, the Center on Gender Equity and Health at UC San Diego’s CalVEX study has examined Californians’ experiences of violence across the lifespan. In May 2022, new reports were released on past-year Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Perpetration. In this web conference, the Center on Gender Equity and Health will be joined by VALOR and the California Department of Public Health to present these and other findings from the CalVEX study and to discuss the implications of these results on prevention work in California.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe past year prevalence of victimization and perpetration of sexual harassment, sexual violence, IPV, physical abuse and firearm violence, and the relation of these to mental health and other outcomes in California from the Cal-VEX 2022 report.
  • Describe the impacts these findings have on diverse communities across the state from a public health approach.
  • Identify resources for implementing multisector violence prevention programs and policy approaches to strengthen violence prevention in health and welfare systems.

Other Resources