07/13/2021 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PST




Shelby Philips (she/her/hers), Program & Communications Coordinator, ValorUS


Ashleigh Klein-Jimenez (she/her/hers), Director of Prevention and Priscilla Klassen (she/her/hers), Project Coordinator


Sexual violence on college and university campuses is a complex issue requiring collaboration and integrated approaches to support survivors. Approaches that engage the entire community in addressing sexual assault on campus are essential. Partnerships between various campus programs and departments and community-based resources help ensure access for members of the college community, including those who have experienced sexual violence, to much needed resources, strengthen the accountability of institutions to the community, increase knowledge about the impact of sexual assault on campus, and link community-based advocacy resources with campuses. This web conference is for campus administrators and advocates interested in expanding their partnerships to support survivors and address sexual violence both on and off campus. 


The Collective Power to Eradicate Sexual Violence: 

Web Conference Series for Community Partners

June & July 2021

ValorUS is committed to community centered approaches to eradicating sexual violence. By building the skills of local providers and bridging with local sexual assault programs, we can prevent and reduce generations of trauma and related social ills. We are excited to offer our annual Summer Workshop Series for Community Partners who encounter sexual assault survivors among their clients/consumers. Leveraging our collective power, these web conferences are grounded in ValorUS’ Collective Power: A Practical Blueprint for Sexual Assault Programs to Create Community Partnerships and Collaborations, a roadmap to create, foster, and sustain partnerships and collaborations between rape crisis centers/dual agencies, and organizations and sectors allied with our anti-sexual violence movement.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how campus-community partnerships play a role in a comprehensive response to sexual violence
  • Identify the benefits of a coordinated, trauma-informed response to sexual violence
  • Provide examples of successful campus-community partnerships to support survivors

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