As the June 27th deadline for bills to pass their final policy committee and be reported to the floor, a slew of CALCASA supported bills came through Assembly and Senate Public Safety and Judiciary Committes along with the Senate Human Services committees. A few highlights from the day:
SB 1649 (Steinberg) Human trafficking “would require retail sellers and manufacturers doing business in the state to develop, maintain, and implement policies related to their compliance with federal and state law regarding the eradication of slavery and human trafficking.” Among other provisions, the bill would establish the Commission to Combat Slavery and Human Trafficking. Passed 7-3
SB 1203 (Runner) Crime: sex offenders attempts to provide “that for any person being evaluated as a sexually violent predator, parole will toll from evaluation through the period of commitment, including conditional release under court monitoring.” Failed 2-2 Reconsideration Granted
AB 2038 (Lieber) Persons with disabilities: victims of crime attempts to create a comprehensive approach, upgrading law enforcement training, giving police and judges new tools to protect victims, assuring that relevant state agencies focus on the problem, and changing terminology to make it clear to all that the law protects all Californians with disabilities. Passed 3-0